Membership Info

Want to try Pistol Shooting ?

New shooters in NSW are able to try shooting without holding a licence under certain conditions. Persons who can answer NO to ALL of the following questions may be eligible to shoot after completing a NSW Police Force P650 - Declaration - Person shooting on an Approved Range or undertaking a Firearms Safety Training Course form. More information on the P650 process can be found on the NSW Police - Firearms Registry site.

Have you in NSW or elsewhere:

  • Been refused or prohibited from holding a firearms licence or permit or had a firearms licence or permit suspended, cancelled or revoked?
  • Are you currently subject to a Good Behaviour Bond or Interim Apprehended Violence Order?
  • Been the subject of a Firearms Prohibition Order?
  • Are you suffering from any mental illness or other disorder that may prevent you from using a firearm safely?
  • Been convicted within the last 10 years of an offence involving: firearms or weapons; prohibited drugs; robbery; violence or terrorism; or an offence of a sexual nature?
  • Within the last 10 years been the subject of a family law or Domestic Violence Order or an Apprehended Violence Order (other than an order which was revoked)?​

If you can answer NO to all of the above and would like to try ISSF style shooing then please contact the 74 Pistol Club for more information.

What does my membership include ?

Adult / Junior / Pensioner Membership Associate Membership Social Membership
  • Membership of 74 Pistol Club
  • Membership of Schuetzenklub Illawarra
  • Capitation with NSW Amateur Pistol Association
  • Training & Safety Courses
  • All Targets & Patches
  • Free use of the Schuetzenklub Air Pistol Range (on 74PC nights)
  • Use of club firearms (Free for Juniors & Probationary Pistol License holders)
  • Membership of 74 Pistol Club
  • Membership of Schuetzenklub Illawarra
  • Training & Safety Courses
  • All Targets & Patches
  • Free use of the Schuetzenklub Air Pistol Range (on 74PC nights)
  • Use of club firearms (Free for Juniors & Probationary Pistol License holders)
  • Membership of Schuetzenklub Illawarra


Membership Period;

The Membership Year STARTS on 1st November,
and concludes on 31st October the following year.

Members Shooting Period;

74PC's shooting year STARTS 1st October,
and concludes 30th September the following year.



Membership Fees

ALL Adult Members Must Do Four (4) RO or SO per Year,
AT or for the 74PC & they will get a credit of $25 per duty,
TO receive the maximum of $100 off the Next years Fees.

EG; if you do 4x RO/SO = $100 discount off fees listing. 

Membership Type:       Duties:

Adult:                            Duties required  $375
Junior;                          NO duties required  $150
Pensioner:                    Duties required $325
Associate:                    Duties required $275
Junior Associate;        NO duties required $100
Social Member;            NO duties required $35
Couples:                       Duties required        1st $375; +  2nd $325  = $700
Associate Couples:     Duties required        1st $275; +  2nd $225  = $500

IF YOU are joining the club for the 1st time,
you will have NOT been required to do RO/SO duties,
so YOUR Joining fees will NOT have the $100 fee in them

EG: Adult fees will be $275 NOT $375 & so on. 

74PC: IS a Hunting Club for Cat; AB Long arms, cll for those cost.

ALL 74PC Members are NOW required to have a Current WWC.
A "Working With Children" certification. or Pay the Full Members cost.

Please contact the club Secretary for information about joining the 74 Pistol Club.


There are no provisions to pre-approve exemptions to the mandatory shoots,
laid down in Clause 106 of the Firearms Regulation 2017.

BUT Below are acceptable grounds,

for not being able to participate in shooting activities for a short period of time.
1. Health;
Medical certification (provide Doctor’s certificate)
2. Travel;
Copy of passport entries covering the period or:
a Statutory Declaration to cover interstate travel
3. Work;
Signed Letter from employer,
or Statutory Declaration if Self-Employed.
(witnessed by a Justice of the Peace)
4. Other;
Provide relevant evidence for adjudication and assessment

This information can be forwarded by the member to be placed on file,
should he/she be listed as non-compliant by the Club.